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Selected as one of six finalists in Devon Life Landscape Painter of the Year, a competition run in Devon Life Magazine in association with the Mayne Gallery, Kingsbridge Devon.

The Judges said:

Johanna’s work is evocative in the extreme. Her paintings of the coast are simple expressions of delight using a muted and well-controlled palette. Devon Life Magazine, February 2017

Upcoming events:

Devon Landscape Painter of the Year, April 3, 2017 – April 22, 2017

Mayne Gallery, 14 Fore Street, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 1NY

An exhibition showcasing the finalists of the Devon Landscape Painter of the Year competition

An opportunity to admire the works of some of the most talented artists in the region.

I have painted since I was a tiny child, frustrated by the limitations of poster paints as I mixed the colours together and ended up with the inevitable brown puddle in the middle of the paper. I still have a memory of an art project at infant school when my class teacher refused to let me add yellow to my design because I’d used enough colours. The result was most unsatisfactory!

My grandmother was a keen artist and art teacher, and my mother went to Art College in the 60s. I studied painting at Newcastle College before deciding to focus on a career in music. I work as a professional violinist, and have been inspired by two teachers who also painted, as well as the expressive and individual opportunities of a life in music.

My musical career has introduced me to all sorts of people, places and ideas. I’m fascinated by potential, creative expression, and colour. Painting is a cathartic and complimentary opposite to my playing, an opportunity to be childlike in a field where I haven’t succumbed to formality of technique.

I love David Hockney’s vibrant landscapes, the works of Herbert Whone, Alfred Wallis, Geoff Yeomans, Benedict Rubbra and Jamie Boyd.

You can purchase my one-off original paintings and hand-finished greetings cards from the online shop, or contact me to discuss bespoke drawings or commission a painting.

I have created personalised Stickman drawings for everything from wedding stationary to company logos.

Feel free to have a good look around or to ask me about any of the artwork. Each card is made with love, each pack of cards is tied with red ribbon, and each painting is created with the same childlike exploration which resulted in that endless nursery-school series of brown puddles! I hope you enjoy browsing…